O grupo espanhol Guascor anunciou segunda-feira que vai investir 2,4 mil milhões de dólares (1,7 mil milhões de euros) na construção do maior parque de geração de energia eólica do mundo, em Pico Truncado, no sul da Argentina.

O projecto faz parte de um acordo assinado entre o grupo espanhol e o governo argentino na cidade de Rio Gallegos, província de Santa Cruz, na Argentina.

José Grajales, presidente do grupo Guascor, disse à agência Télam que o parque vai ser construído em três anos, com uma potência de 600 a 900 megawatts, criando 300 postos de trabalho directos e 900 indirectos.

Grajales disse ainda que o objectivo é iniciar a obra dentro de 12 meses e que o projecto vai ser desenvolvido com a empresa argentina Eólica Pico Truncado.



World’s Largest Wind Power Park To Be Built in Argentina

Spanish group Guascor has announced plans to build what is being reported as the largest wind park in the world in the Argentine Patagonia.

According to AFP, the park will have an installed capacity of between 600 and 900 megawatts and will demand an investment of 2,400 million US dollars. Voices from Guascor say the largest wind park in the world is in Ireland and generates 400 megawatts.

Espanhola Guascor parque eólico Argentina

The announcement was made after only two weeks since the government launched a new law to offer benefits for investments in alternative energy. Find out more details in the extended.


Largest Wind Park in the World in Argentina?

A high executive from Guascor has signed an ‘intention’ agreement to start this project during an act along president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner last week.

According to reports, the park will be located at Pico Truncado, a town in Santa Cruz province (Patagonia) that already has one of the pioneer wind parks of the country. The venue will host about 700 generators over an area of 6,500 hectares that have been rented to the province for 30 years. It will also have an energetic control center and an educational node to form engineers specialized in aeolian energy.

With a 2,400 million US dollars investment (30% from the group and the rest from national and international funds), the park will generate at least 300 direct and 900 indirect jobs during the three years it will take to build it.

AFP says the works will begin in 12 months, but only after the environmental impact plan is approved and the group reaches an agreement with the company that will distribute the electricity.


New Law and Benefits for Investments in Clean Energy in Argentina

About two weeks ago, the Argentine government announced a new law to offer fiscal incentives and tax deductions for investments in the production of energy from renewable resources.

Clarin newspaper informs that the benefits include the anticipated devolution of the IVA tax in the purchase of capital goods (21% of the price), and the recognition of a price that will cover the operative costs and a reasonable earnings rate (defined for each project) for the produced energy, among others.

The government also announced a plan to buy 1000 megawatts of clean energy (that’s 5% of the consume of the country) from projects installed in Argentina. This means that those companies that will invest in this will have a secure market for their product. This power will be acquired to different projects in amounts not higher to 50 megawatts per project, and with contracts for 15 years.

It’s surely not by chance that a project of this magnitude was announced just a few days after these measures were launched. Though we’re still excited to see the country going the clean-energy way, as today only 1% of the energy produced in Argentina comes from renewable resources.




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